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How can Carie help you begin your journey?

Welcome! I am a visionary and somatic therapist for those who are process oriented and desire deep transformation. I bring my clairvoyant and intuitive gifts to sessions, offering metaphysical mentoring to support your journey. I am a Licensed Mental Health Therapist (LH00011270) and I have been practicing for over 20 years. Through this experience I have become a passionate guide and mentor for individuals/couples who desire to expand and creatively express themselves beyond family and cultural conditioning.

My core intent is to celebrate the vision of who one can become by deepening one's awareness of their own greatness as a means towards health and empowerment. I specialize in bridging the imaginative, physical, energetic, and spiritual realms and I work with clients who desire to reframe their healing work as soul work, a life long journey of becoming and evolving. I support clients who desire to move away from survival pressure and transform their lives thru creative pressure. I am a good fit for clients who are self aware and who desire to see deeper into the mysteries and synchronicities of their life's journey.

I incorporate a variety of modalities including north node astrology which reveals the soul's main core intent and destination, the hero's journey as expressed through the tarot, somatic work, energetic empowerment exercises, and inner child work often reframed as areas where the soul is still healing and learning. My work is holistic and I collaborate with several types of body workers, Naturopath's, Homeopath's, Acupuncturist's, and a very skilled Astrologist.

Sessions begin with an energy scan and somatic work as needed. This is the entry point into the journey of deep soul work. Imagine you are in a raft on a grand journey. We need not solely focus on what is broken or not working. Greatness already has momentum!

We're located at Bloom Wellness Center.

Carie Winchell